Every person wants the best night’s sleep to wake up and feel refreshed.

Getting the right mattress is just one of many effects that can help us improve the quality of our sleep. Mattress needs vary from person to person. Age, preference for the sleeping position, weight, and shape play a key role in choosing the right mattress for you.


The best bed for a bigger sleeper will be firmer than a mattress suitable for a smaller sleeper. The stylish mattress for heavy people will by no means be the cheapest on-demand. But if you weigh more than £230, this is a purchase you shouldn’t be looking for.

After all, you can value a good night’s sleep; and poor health and bad moods will really start to build up over time. Not to mention that a cheap mattress will eventually prove to be a false frugality, as it will soon start to fall and need to be replaced.


As holiday deals often bring a range of great deals for mattresses to save you money. So read on, as we unveil the best king-size mattresses for the heavy people available at the moment and give you the details you need to choose the right for you.


Also, to help you get started in selecting the king size bed for heavy person, we’ve created a buying guide with exactly what you should be looking for to find a stylish king-size bed for heavy people.


Best king size bed for heavy person


A mattress that supports and comforts the most significant body weight and the rough distribution of the mass become definitive for sleep and general health. Because of the way our bodies get damaged when we don’t take care of an active life, our muscles and bones get damaged.

This damage is not only harmful to your physiological health, but also to your sleep. So if you can relate to this, the elegant way to improve and address it is through life changes.

The alternative and most important way to take care of your sleep with these problems are with a mattress that supports your body and comforts it both in the short and long term.


What features of a mattress are more important for a heavyweight sleeper?


All mattresses compatible with fat or overweight person would need support either in full-body standards or concentrated. Support is the first factor you should take and also if it helps you with your posture. Comfort and support are essential, but your posture is prone to the most damage due to excessive body weight.


Posture problems  occur due to an inactive lifestyle, long hours in front of the computer, and little exercise. Together, these factors make the work of the mattress much more important if you are not able to solve these life-changing problems.

A mattress can adjust the way your body feels, can relieve pain, can prevent posture and muscle aches, among other problems. That’s why a good mattress that supports your body is a must-have for any obese or overweight person.

Top 5 king size bed frame for heavy person

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COMASACH 16 Inch King Size Bed Frame Supports up to 3500lbs

45MinST 14 Inch Reinforced Platform Bed Frame/3500lbs Heavy Duty

ZINUS Trisha Metal Platforma Bed Frame / Wood Slat Support

King Platform Bed Frame with Storage 14 Inch Metal Beds Frames

The Most Important Features Of Mattress For Overweight People

Here are some of the most important features to look for when selecting the king size bed for heavy person.

  1. Type of mattress: The type of mattress means everything related to the general resting experience of a fat/heavy existing person. The type of material used and the construction factors such as the interior spring system, the edge protection, the Euro, or the pillow top are factors that you should pay attention to for the balance of comfort and elegant support.


  1. Mattress Response Rate: When looking for a mattress as an existing fat person, one of the most critical factors, in addition to the support you need to consider, is the response rate. The more advanced the response rate, the better the material, and the more comfortable and elastic your mattress feels. So, if you are looking for an orthopaedic foam mattress or with orthopaedic inner springs, the response rate determines both the firmness and the ease of lifting.


  1. Body shaping/contouring: The body shaping property is profitable when you want a more comfortable resting experience. Such a mattress capitalizes on areas of the body with unevenly distributed fat and provides a hugging experience that relieves pressure. The body shaping property is profitable when you want a more comfortable resting experience.


  1. Material quality: Material packages and material quality (viscosity, consistency, separation size, and thermal packages) must take into account long-term goods and sleeping experience.


  1. Firmness position: The firm position of your mattress is based on the core/base and the supporting substratum. The more probable your mattress is, the better it would be, especially for obese people, to solve any common problems or pains.


  1. Pressure and Pain Relief: As a fat or heavy person, one of the most common problems we face is lower back pain, ham or knee pain, and back pain in general. Relieving pain or relieving pressure from high-viscosity accessories or helical spring springs helps address short-term and long-term pain and injury.


What Type Of Mattress Is Best For Overweight Sleepers? Bonded Foam, Pocket Spring, Latex, Hybrid

Since support is the most serious factor, the first thing a mattress needs to address is its firm position. When you sleep on a mattress, the way you feel defines the way you sleep and wake up and every aspect of your life.

For example, waking up on a softer mattress as a fat person can provide short-term relief, but leads to common long-term pain. This is because more problems are needed and it puts extra pressure on you to wake up and fall asleep.


A softer mattress would not be suitable to support and align your posture, especially the chin. This lack of posture alignment and support from a mattress down or down mattress leads to more pain issues.

So, if you are looking for a mattress as a fat person, stylish kindness would be present in a medium mattress, establishment, or ultra-firm, depending on demand. And the mattresses that provide support are orthopaedic mattresses, firm or with inner springs, substantially foamy.


  1. Pocket Springs Coil Mattresses: You can look in spirals with bottom springs for the elegant combination and the balance of comfort and support. This is due to the fact that helical mattresses with bottom springs are excellent options for shaping your body. As an obese or overweight person, you need this contouring to feel relaxed before and during sleep around the uneven distribution of body weight.


  1. Latex Foam Mattresses: Latex foam is a medium hardening material and is an excellent material for obese or heavier people looking for a suitable mattress. Unlike memory foam or other types of foam, latex foam is springy or more elastic and it is also possible to change its thickness.


  1. Glued or bonded foam mattresses: A glued foam mattress or a relegated foam mattress is made by mixing pieces of high viscosity mattresses, tightly packed. Glued foam is mainly used in the core of ortho foam mattresses or mattresses with binary comfort. So, if you are looking for a foam mattress that can support your body weight, the bonded foam mattress is the best choice.


  1. Hybrid Mattresses: Mongrel Mattresses use different rudiments to bring together a balance of support and comfort that suits your specific requirements. For example, a latex foam mattress with a spiral of inner springs or a foam mattress with an ortho core helps to accomplish several purposes. And cold-blooded mattresses that provide support and comfort in a balance for long-term posture and health benefits are a good choice.


How Important Is The Mattress Thickness For Heavy Sleepers?

However, part of the problem could be the inadequate thickness if you find yourself sinking too low despite a probative mattress. The thickness of the mattress also helps you get up because of the height and support system. Mattress height changes and is a factor that you should take into account, especially in old age or regular pain.

As a fat person or a heavier person, a sound support system will increase the height and thickness of your mattress, stopping you from sinking. Therefore, mattresses for heavy sleepers are generally denser and thicker. Here’s a better clarification


  1. Dimension 7-10 inches: Mattresses with dimensions 7-10 are suitable for slightly fat people. If your BMI (body mass index) is between 25 and 29.9, you are fatter than average or healthy BMI and you are susceptible to long-term pain and other problems.


  1. 10-12 inches mattress: A 10-12 inch mattress would have considerable support and rudiments of outdoor comfort and would make the transition easier. This order is for first-order fat or fats with a BMI between 30 and 34.9. Such a mattress would have orthopedic rudiments, a robust system of interior springs, a thick support substratum, and a thick comfort substratum.


  1. More than 12 inches: People in the order of category 2 with a BMI of 12 inches would need a significantly thicker and taller mattress. This is due to the body’s demand for a thicker mattress, which will not be left in time, and its demand. The weight, in this case, would probably be much higher than 125-150 kg, depending on height and BMI.


List of the Best King Size Bed for Heavy or Overweight People


  1. Physiopedic – Bottom Springs And Memory Foam: The PhysioPedic mattress is an excellent choice for obese people due to its robust system of inner springs with bottom coils and the construction with the upper part of the cushion that relieves pressure. This orthopaedic mattress with helical inner springs offers an average resting experience, unique due to the spring system and the cushioning underlay. Excellent support. The mattress also provides good body contouring to relieve pressure and pain, with memory foam wrapping in the surface undercarriage.


  1. Orthomatic DX-Dual Comfort Bonded Foam: Orthomatic DX is a binary comfort orthopaedic mattress for fat or fat people in class 1 looking for more support and binary comfort in one package. This mattress provides exceptional support and binary comfort, which helps relieve pain and support the whole body. Orthomatic DX has a medium and firm side configuration, which allows you to switch when you want a slightly more comfortable sleep without compensating for the support.


  1. Orthomatic DY-Dual Comfort Bonded Foam: Orthomatic DY is a binary-comfort mattress designed for slightly fat people with a BMI of less than 29.9 and comes with a medium-soft and medium configuration. The comfort binary point allows you to conclude for a softer side and a firm middle side, according to any preference of pain and sleep. Orthomatic DY has a 100D super-high viscosity core, relegated foam, which allows you to sleep in a different configuration without worrying about the support. You can sleep on the middle-firm side when you feel that you need extra support for back pain or other areas.


  1. Dr. Euro Back-PU Foam And Glued Foam Mattress. The Euro Back mattress is an ortho foam mattress recommended by Dr, which offers a sleeping experience in the establishment. The mattress uses ultra-high density layers and a comfortable plush undershirt to provide the elegant support and body comfort available in a pure foam mattress. This affordable orthopaedic mattress is suitable for both fat and class 1 individuals (no serious body problems). The Euro top construction is great for providing immediate pain due to body aches (both short-term pain and regular pain). These features make Dr Euro Back Mattress an excellent choice for pain relief and prevention in an ortho foam mattress.


  1. NaturaBond-Latex Mattress and Glued Foam: NaturaBond is an excellent pressure-releasing latex foam mattress that provides an average resting experience. It’s a full-foam mattress with a 2-inch-thick substratum of 100 substrates of natural latex foam in the support substratum to align and comfort your body. NaturaBond offers an average resting experience that is great for relieving pain. The mattress has a high thickness, high GSM quilting, which improves the life of the mattress and provides immediate relief when sitting or sleeping on NaturaBond. Latex foam provides a probative experience of environmental rest, which effectively checks your restraint posture over time and disperses pressure. The Orthobond Relegated Foam Core addresses spinal alignment issues and provides invariable support for the entire body. As a result, NaturaBond is suitable for obese people with a BMI below 29.9.


So what is the elegant king size bed for heavy person?


As with any side sleepers, those who sleep sideways need softer mattresses to properly buffer the widest corridor of their body – the hips and shoulders. However, the bed should not be exorbitantly soft, which will make you sink with pain. Medium sense mattresses are ideal for plus-size people who sleep on one side.


Some of the stylish mattresses for heavy side sleepers are Physiopedic – pocket spring and memory foam, Dr. Mattress Euro Back – PU Foam and Bonded Foam Mattress, Orthomatic DX – Dual Comfort Bonded Foam, Orthomatic DY – Dual Comfort Bonded Foam, and NaturaBond – Latex and Bonded foam Mattress.


Conclusion for king size bed for heavy person

Increased bodyweight brings a number of problems that affect the internal and external mechanisms of your body. However, you should look at the changes in your weight loss life and you can start with proper sleep, whether you are fat or morbid.

Sleep is more important for fat or obese person because lower sleep affects your immunity and can lead to internal fitness issues such as anxiety, depression, among others. High-quality sleep, which is easy for your reverse and internal systems is no longer a luxury and an hour necessity.

A high-quality probative mattress contours, comforts and supports the body, improving the quality of sleep, duration, and, indeed, the sleeping area (hypoallergenic mattresses).